Oleksandr Semchuk began studying violin at 4 years of age with Maestro I. Pylatiuk. Just eight years old he had his first concert as a soloist with orchestra. It was the early start of a brilliant career.
Among his teachers are violinists and teachers of world renown, such as Bohodar Kotorovych, Yehudi Menuhin, Tibor Varga, Viktor Tretyakov and Alberto Lysy.
The winner of several international competitions, already from young age he collected the first prize at the prestigious "Youth Assembly of Art" in Moscow (coveted by all the musicians of the former Soviet Union), the "Mykola Lysenko International Competition" (Ukraine), and " Award City of Gubbio "(Italy).
Meanwhile, he embarked on a brilliant career that has seen him perform with success all over the world, both as a soloist and in collaboration with internationally renowned musicians as A. Lucchesini, M. Brunello, K. Bogino, M. Kugel, V. Mendelssohn, G. Mirabassi, M. Rysanov, O. Kogan, D. Cohen, B. Petrushansky, K. Karabitz, V. Sirenko, N. Eppinger, D. Sinadinovich and many others.
The Ukrainian state, recognized the great contribution to the nation as the founder and promoter of the cultural project "Artists for the rebirth of Ukraine". In 2001 the state honoured Oleksandr Semchuk with the title of of "Merited Artist". Throughout the territory of the former Soviet Union, Oleksandr is the youngest artist awarded the title of "Knight of Honour of the State."
Oleksandr Semchuk has lived for some years in Italy, where he is also busy teaching. He has taught at the School of Music of Fiesole and the Music Academy of Florence. In 2011 he was invited to coordinate the Department of Strings at the International Piano Academy "Incontri col Maestro" in Imola, with whom he still teaches today. The efforts made so far in teaching has paid off by more than forty awards won by his students in important international competitions such as Oistrakh International Competition (Moscow), Brahms International Competition (Pordschach), Monaco Master's International Competition (Monaco), Kreisler International Competition (Vienna), to name a few. His students include members of major orchestras and teachers of at Italian Conservatories.
Oleksandr Semchuk has made several recordings, and contributed more than seven hours of music as a soloist in the "Collection of Gold of Ukraine", with contributions from the great solo repertoire including the concerts of Brahms and Sibelius.
He plays a violin by Auguste Bernardel 1855 and a bow "White Lady" by Vera Navea.

Oleksandr Semchuk,
The youngest Knight of Honour of the State in the ex Soviet Union”
“Merited artist of Ukraine”,
“The best Ukrainian violinist”,
“The vigorous virtuosism married with the profoundest Slavic lyricism,
 “One of the most representative heirs to grand Soviet school of violin of the great pedagogue Yuri Yankelevich”,
“The prince of the violin”

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